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What you get on one of our days

Our days are low number coached track days with professional rider coaches.

The day starts with a briefing at which we cover track safety, introduce the coaches and split into 3 ability based groups by a show of hands. We aim to have less than half the number of riders on track than the track's maximum capacity.

Each session on track is approximately 20 minutes usually enabling 6 or 7 sessions per day. 

After every session there is a debrief with the coaches in a group format. The coaches cover both group and individual feedback. We do not have a syllabus so coaches tailor the feedback to the group and individuals.

Our photographer takes photos which are posted online after the day for you to download at no extra charge.

We provide tyre support for changes and sales of new tyres. There is no need to book garages, where the circuit has garages we can fit all riders inside. Prices vary from £220 to £310 per day depending on circuit. There is a 5% discount applied for bookings of more than 1 day.
If you need to hire a bike follow this link to Yamaha Track Experience to book a package.

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What you need

  • A mechanically sound motorcycle. Hire bikes are available as a package booking through Yamaha Track Experience.

  • A Full Motorcycle License or an ACU racing license

  • Full leathers (2 piece must zip together)

  • Leather gloves

  • Helmet (ACU or EU approved full face) 

  • Full length back protector (Can be integrated in the suit)

  • Brake guard

  • An exhaust within the noise limits of the circuits.

  • Croft 102db, Cadwell 105db, Anglesey 103db, Snetterton 102db, Mallory 98db or 103db, Knockhill 105db

What standard of riders do we cater for

We can take all standards of riders from track first timers to aspiring racers.

We recommend that riders have enough experience to be completely familiar with the controls of the bike. If you are a newly licensed road rider with no other experience as a guide we feel a year of riding experience is necessary.  

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