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Please Read FAQ's before submitting query!

  • Do I need a license?  - Yes you need a full road license or ACU racing license.

  • Do I need a brake guard/back protector? - Yes. 

  • What is the format of the day? - See "track training days" page

  • What experience do I need? - We can take all standards from track day first timers to aspiring racers.

  • Can I use fabric clothing? No, you need leathers. Either 1 piece or 2 piece that zip together most of the way around. Leather gloves and motorcycle boots and an ACU approved full face helmet.

  • Do I need a sports bike? No, you can use anything that is road/race worthy.
  • Do you provide bikes? No, but we have a partnership with Yamaha track experience that can provide a package (link on track training page).
  • Are my tyres suitable? Any road tyres are suitable. We provide a tyre changing service and sell Metzeler tyres.
  • Are garages available? Yes no need to book. Cadwell has no garages.
  • There is a lot of holiday accommodation near Anglesey Circuit try the local tourist information or check this place out

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