TT Blog Race Week Wednesday 2018

Published on 6th June 2018

Wednesday at the TT. We camped out on Marine Drive Tuesday night again after a friend from racing came to join us arriving in Douglas at 11pm. Douglas was heaving but I'm not a lover of drunken middle aged blokes so the tranquility of the old coast road was welcome. Another beautiful morning and we headed to the Paddock to watch the racing from Glencrutchery Road. It is Toby's first time at the TT and although being a racer he has not road raced yet but his ultimate aim is to get here. Even racers are taken aback by the speeds achieved on normal public roads with all the dangers associated with them.

Dean Harrison did not disappoint us taking his first victory in the Supersport Race. He dominated from the start. Afterwards he said he was determined not to ease back the pace and allow other riders to catch him, he just "kept his head down". I had 20 seconds with Dean after the race as he was going to prepare for the Superbike practice. Just a handshake and congratulations with a few words about how he felt about the race. I just told him it was good to see he was pulling away from Dunlop before the 30 second penalty and it must have made the victory more satisfying that he was over 30 seconds in front of Micheal at the end. He was happy that he was already taking time out of Micheal before the pit stop and confident that would have continued regardless.

I caught up with Davo Johnson after he had to nurse his Supertwin back along the Coast Road from Ramsey to Douglas, he had to follow another bike back as he didn't have a speedo on the bike!! I think he found it a little pedestrian. He was preparing for the Senior qualifying by having a snooze. The only person I know who would be preparing to ride a superbike around the Island Circuit by sleeping.

Rest day Thursday. We have camped at Port St Mary and are going to cycle around the coast a bit and cycle the Southern 100 lap, it doesn't look like a very interesting course but you can not judge a motorcycle road race route on a bicycle! The difference in a slight curve in a road between 15mph and 150mph is unbelievable. Having cycled Oliver's Mount before I raced it I say this from experience. 



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