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Published on 3rd June 2018

Another TT for our Coaches Dean Harrison, Davo Johnson and Lee Johnston and a break from real life for me. Since I was elected as a Labour Councillor in Leeds a few weeks ago life has been more hectic than ever. Between running Tadcaster and Wetherby Triathlons plus track training days at Anglesey, Croft and Mallory Park, a few fire service shifts and getting to grips with being a Councillor there has been no time to relax in May. I have not managed to do any racing either due to the cancellation of Scarborough's first meeting of the year. Fingers crossed the Cock of the North meeting on 23/24 June will go ahead but I am not reasurred by the fact that I have not been offered a refund for the Spring Cup or even had a reply to my e-mail requesting one.

I arrived at the TT yesterday (Saturday) having listened to the commentary of the Superbike race on the way over. It was with a heavy heart after the death of Dan in practice, this is a strange race of mixed emotions. The only race you will ever watch or race at where there is almost guaranteed to be fatalities. Dean of course put in a record breaking first lap (No surprise to those of us that know him and expected great things following last years form and his growing confidence) but had a clutch failure taking him out of the race. It was good to see Connor Cummings back on form and on the podium as well. Congratulations of course go to Micheal Dunlop, fast and consistent as ever. Davo and Lee had good results as well coming in 4th and 6th.
When we arrived at about 7.30 we headed for the semi derelict Marine Drive out of Douglas for somewhere quiet to stay. It did not disappoint. I can not understand why people are so uptight about overnight parking in general. When you come to an event like this and there are vans everywhere respectfully enjoying the freedom you just think "why not".

 I sent James this photo and he returned a picture of his view. He is currently having Chemo in St James Hospital in Leeds and then a stem cell transplant. I am sure you all wish him well. He knows that everyone is behind him. Whitham's view.

He is following the racing online and said he was proud of all our boys after last nights race. I have to admit I am particularly bias but the current ITV commentary team seem to lack passion and humour. Today I called in to the TT paddock with Joanne (Mrs Drinkie) to wish Dean and Lee well for the races. They were having a bit of family time now they are both Dads so we did not stay long but you can see they are both looking fit, happy and confident. The three personal ingredients to a good TT. The mechanical side is out of their hands and despite Dean's obvious disappointment he is ready to go again and accepts that mechanicals are all just part of racing.

So tonight we have found a great place to camp at Sulby Reservoir I had a little run on some of the trails from here that I Mountain Bikes with Christian Iddon last year, thankfully I wasn't quite as tired as I was with him last year. I am looking forward to getting up onto the Mountain tomorrow to watch, probably somewhere near black hut. Should be another strong showing from our lads.

Lee and Dean are coaching for us at Anglesey on 27/28th June if you are booked on. These 2 days are pretty much full, all our other days (Croft, Mallory, Anglesey) have places. We are at Knockhill for the first time this year on July 16/17 numbers are struggling at the moment so if you want to see us at Knockhill again you better book on, as much as we love putting on these days we can not afford a loss as we work on very tight margins to try and make the days as affordable to you as possible.

See you all soon, Cllr Drinkie.

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