The Day after the TT

Published on 10th June 2017

The day after the night before. There wasn't much to do today it was raining hard first thing this morning. I was parked on the roadside near the paddock so had a wander around looking for post TT bargains. Strangely the sales haven't started yet although most of the paddock is already being deconstructed.

I drove back to Ramsey in the afternoon and went out on the Enduro bike with my TT comrade Steve. The trails were very wet and we did a particularly tricky loose rocky climb from Sulby up onto the tops. I went up and down the hardest bit a few times while Steve struggled up, good training. Once up there is was cold and misty again but the riding was good fun. We headed down and road on the road to the post TT races on the Southern 100 road circuit near Casteltown. This is a good opportunity for the privateers to win some money and impress prospective sponsors although it is open to all the big players they were mostly staying away this year.


While our coaches Richard Cooper and Taylor Mackenzie were over last week with the Bennetts Suzuki Team they made a video with Bike Social "What to do when it's raining at the TT" which made me giggle today. You can see it here

I think I'll be visiting the motor museum tomorrow and maybe doing a bit of pedalling as I need to keep fit for racing as well.


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