Survive to Live

Published on 6th July 2017

We were back on Anglesey on Wednesday and Thursday running our track training days. I love this circuit. The location is just stunning. I arrived at lunchtime on Tuesday to get a bit of cycling in. My brain still thinks I am a competitive cyclist/triathlete but my legs know otherwise. The 32 mile loop had me in survival mode after about 20 miles, frequency builds endurance, unfortunately I haven't been cycling frequently enough for about the last 5 years. Quiet roads and stunning views of Snowdonia got me through.

We had some special guests with us at Anglesey. As well as Jenny Tinmouth, James Westmoreland, Taylor Mackenzie, Steve Brogan and Dean Harrison coaching with James. Ryan Farquhar was with us as he has provided Jonny Towers RST Director (I crash tested their leathers again this weekend and can recommend them) with a supertwin race bike which they were setting up. I had a quick word with Ryan as I was intrigued to find out what effects his near fatal crash had had on his views on racing.

If you want Ryan to build you a stunning twin like this contact him at

When I asked Ryan if his attitude towards life and racing had changed he told me it had in some ways. He surprised me by saying if there is something you want to do, don't wait as there may not be chance later. I really thought that throwing caution to the wind may not be his outlook now. He said "when you are racing you are a selfish fucker now I consider other things and people more". The most profound statement he made was, "some people live to survive, I survived to live". A very similar outlook to James. 

So if you are thinking I'm going to have a go at a track day, or a race, or get on a bike in a couple of years stop messing about and get it done !!!


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