Superstock Day

Published on 7th June 2017

Today is a day of mixed emotion there were 2 fatalities announced yesterday and it looks like there were another 2 today. This is truly a strange race, one where you cheer for your mates not knowing whether you want them to actually go faster or just get back safely. I keep threatening to do the Manx GP but ...... well you can guess the conflict in my head and my household which I am sure is exactly the same for all road racers.

I spent a bit of time with Davo Johnson after the superbike practice and was introduced to his parents. His Dad was a club racer so he was brought up on bikes. Davo was and still is a very capable BMX racer so he learned the movement dynamics of 2 wheel racing very from a very young age which, if you study sports science, like me is clearly the key to success at the top level. I believe there is no such thing as innate ability it is all learned and the younger you start the easier it is to learn and get the 1000s of hours practice required.

Hutchy once again dominated the Superstock race riding a very controlled race. I was out with Christian Iddon at Creg-Ny-Baa he was doing pit boards for both Hutchy and Dean Harrison which seemed a bit of a conflict of interests to me but as Hutchy is on his team and his Dad, Paul, manages the Silicone Engineering team he was under a bit of pressure to get them both right !!

Miraculously Lee Johnston was hopping around the paddock today on crutches. Hard man!!!

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not looking too good so the re-scheduled Supersport race might not happen. We shall see.

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