Sunshine Coach Day Out

Published on 19th June 2017

Today was another working day in the life of a track day organiser. I was up early to answer the online queries (Apologies when there is a delay we do not have any staff, just me and a laptop). I had one of our new Suzuki GSXR instructor bikes to take to Whithams place as he is feeling reasonable following the latest Chemo poisoning and should be at our day at Croft on Thursday. I picked Lee Johnston up after a Sat Nav adventure to find his current, very remote, house and headed to James's place above Huddersfield where Dean Harrison was meeting us.

When we got there we had had a delivery from R&G of full sets of protection for the bikes, obviously we recommend their stuff we are from Yorkshire and like free stuff after all. Seriously, if you want to protect your bikes this stuff works, we have tested it! 

As it was so hot today we only made it a few hundred meters to James's local for a very nice pub lunch. As you can see from the picture Lee is still suffering and had to lay down to take the pressure off his injured back. He said he was feeling a lot better for having the first decent poo since the crash yesterday. Thanks for the info Lee. After the food and typically daft banter we headed down to Jamie Lodges shop Earnshaws to put some wets on some spare wheels for one of the instructor bikes (Yes we go out in the wet on our days, but, you don't have to. We do classroom sessions for those who are not set up with wets or just don't fancy it)

Dean drove us back and decided to try a few donuts on Whithams tarmac which is typical of these lads. Take my word for it, if you scare easily never ever get in a car, or van for that matter, driven by a professional motorcycle racer. 

Christian Iddon contacted me today and won't be coaching for us on Thursday due to the surgery he is having to have on the arm he damaged at Knockhill. We all hope you get well soon and get back out there at the front of BSB. At Croft we will have Steve Brogan, Dean Harrison, Richard Cooper, Dan Linfoot and Jenny Tinmouth coaching. 

Until Thursday I am back at the day job putting fires out. I'll post some pictures and a bit of a blog after the Croft day.



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