Senior Day at the TT 2017

Published on 10th June 2017

I woke up early to have a look at the election result. Politics seem to wash over the TT unnoticed but I was pleased that the country decided we needed a general change of direction. The weather cleared up for the senior day it was windy with broken cloud. Me and Steve had run out of clean pants so it was also washing day at Steve's Calais jungle replica camp.

I would have let him sleep in the back of the can if he didn't snore like a wounded wilder-beast. I had made my predictions for the senior on Wednesday as you can see below I wasn't far off really.

As I have already said this is a very strange race. It is like hearing your mates are serving in a war you are not sure if they will come back and if they do come back what state they will be in. When it came through that Hutchy was missing I felt physically sick, thankfully news that he was conscious quickly filtered through our Whatsapp group from inside information. I have heard today he has already had a surgery on his ankle and is having another on his femur.

Dean Harrison had a great Senior as expected. Adding even more to his outstanding result was the fact that he was on a stock engine having blown two superbike spec engines earlier in the TT. I had a little bet on him and won £12.88. He will be riding a Superbike at Assen BSB and the rounds following. It will be interesting to see how he gets on. Scarborough will be Deans next race on the 24/25 June, he better watch out because I am racing in the Juniors!

Dunlop was incredible in the Senior, where I was watching, over a jump just before Conker Trees his bike looked really balanced. Suzuki will be rightly overjoyed with that result for the new GSXR1000. We love the road versions we use for the Track Training days the best description I can give you is that it feels like last years 600/750 for size, weight and balance but it has 200bhp plus electronic aids. Suzuki are bringing some of the new R versions to our next day at Mallory Park and I am looking forward to trying it.

I went out to the Honda after party but drinking is not really my thing, I managed a can of larger and a JD and coke in 3 hours and was happy to crawl into my coffin bed at 1 a.m. 

The return ferry is booked for Wednesday so I've got a few days now to get some mountain biking and enduro riding on the Island. I might get a couple of laps in over the mountain course, just in case I do decide to have a crack at the Manx GP. You never know !!!

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