Role Models

Published on 16th August 2017

I came to BMX late, having not really had the opportunity to get involved as a kid. I was 28 when I started dirt jumping and 30 when I started racing at a national level in the 25+ age group. I was a founder member of Leeds BMX club and campaigned successfully to get 2 tracks rebuilt. I also built some big sets of dirt jumps in the local woods. This was not some act of generosity to my community it was motivated by a need for places to ride and for self fulfilment. My kids and other people did benefit from all this. I became a qualified coach running practice sessions as well as being club Secretary. I still spend time in the woods when I get chance (if you are interested check out the video on my instagram from a couple of days ago and talk to the youth I meet trying to open their minds to the possibilities in life. I live on what was the biggest council estate in the U.K. where aspiration is low due to the realities of people's situations. My point is that role models come in all shapes and sizes, not necessarily acknowledged by the media or mainstream or in a package recognised as such. You might think that the coaches we work with are role models

They are, but everyone can motivate someone in some way to expand what they think they can achieve in life. I'm not talking about material achievements either what matters more is happiness, friendship, loyalty etc. Nobody said life is easy but in my experience you do not lose anything for trying, and you just might succeed.  

We are trying to do our bit with the track training days getting involved with John Lee local charity fund raiser in Anglesey and selling big bobble hats (available online shortly) with profits going to cancer charities.
We are fund raising at Anglesey Circuit on the night of 30th August with a chat show in the bar if you would like to join us. This is John on the local TV news explaining what we are up to and why

Our coaches had a great Ulster GP with Dean Harrison taking a win in the senior, a strong come back from Lee Johnston and a good performance from Davo Johnson. 

Good luck to all our team racing in BSB this weekend at Cadwell Park, James will be commentating again. I will be racing at Croft with Auto66 and our Road Racers are all heading back to the Isle of Man for the Classic TT.

Live life, have fun, like these role models do. Drinkie.


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