Another Rainy Day at the TT

Published on 8th June 2017

Another night that I was very happy to be in my van and not in a tent. Chez Drinkie is very comfortable consisting of a king sized bed over a garage, 4 seats, a chemical loo, 2 burner cooker, fridge, satellite TV system and diesel night heater. Positive luxury compared to most of the tents. There aren't many left on this site now, a lot of people seem to have given up already and gone home.

I took the enduro bike up to the top of the mountain course using the fabulous trails here many of which are legal for motorcycles. Unlike the mainland the authorities here recognise the potential for visitors and have a lot of money to spend from the public purse due to the low numbers of residents and high tax yield per resident from companies using the Island as a tax haven. 

This was near the top.

This was mountain box. I watched the Superbike race from here you can walk along the fence line and have the place to yourself, incredibly close to the road and riders as they come past. It is funny how frightening it is to watch riders at top speed and how different it feels when you are doing it.

As there was no racing to watch I did a bit of organising today. I got James to get in touch with Hutchy (Understandably he is a little busy to talk to mortals like me being chased around by the press, TV and fans when he need to focus) hopefully he will be coaching or us on the 22nd June at Croft but he needs to find a bike to ride as he has to modify the gearshifter to the other side. 

I had a few text messages with Dean Harrison this evening as usual he said "I will do my best". I think he deserves a good result tomorrow but you can not rush things here, the key seems to be to build gradually so you are completely comfortable with the course and speeds necessary to win due to the inherent risks on the mountain course. Yesterdays fatality has reminded everyone exactly what the consequences can be. This is a strange race I am still not exactly sure what I think about it.


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