Rainy Day at the TT

Published on 6th June 2017


Last night I was so glad I was in a van and not under canvas, or nylon, or under water for that matter! There was torrential rain and high winds across the Island which destroyed lots of tents on the campsite I have been staying on near Conker Trees/Ramsey. Racing today was cancelled.

The weather cleared by mid morning allowing Ramsey sprints to take place, not my cup of tea, straight line anything goes. Met up with Richard Cooper and Taylor Mackenzie down there for a chat as they were once again on PR duties. Taylor showed me his arm pump operation scar and told me it was now 100% and he has tried it out with a bit of Moto X and it has done the trick. It seems to be the norm now for professional riders to have this operation which opens up the sheath holding the muscle fibres to allow more space for venous return.

This evening I got a pass for the Bennetts barbecue in hospitality, Micheal Dunlop made a quick appearance and was introduced to the room, he was obviously not wanting to be there as the Superstock 1000 race is now scheduled to start at 10.45 tomorrow, followed by the Zero (Electric Bikes) and Lightweights. It will be interesting to see how the new GSXR1000 stocker goes after it's dominance under Richard Cooper in BSB. We run the new road versions as instructor bikes on our days and they are awesome. The size of a 600 with 200bhp and great handling.


I also met Bruce the editor of Fast Bikes magazine tonight it seems we have a lot in common with doing stupid endurance type events, he's just signed up for a 24 hour running race. He'll be coming on one of our training days soon as well to see what they are all about.



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