Covid Update and Oset Electric Trials Bike

Published on 4th June 2020

Covid update. We have had the necessary permissions via the circuits to start our track training days again in July at Croft and Mallory. We decided to wait until July to prevent any last minute cancellations as the government's position did not seem clear. Hopefully Wales will have relaxed lock down sufficiently to allow us to run the first days we have planned there on 21/22 July. Due to deferred bookings and a late start demand has been very high and places are limited. Anglesey dates are sold out until October 13/14. Croft has places from 30th July. Mallory has places from August 26th. A big thank you for understanding to all the customers who have deferred bookings. There will be no time restrictions on deferrals. We will have distancing measure in place at the events so be prepared to bring gazebos, generators etc to set up in the car parks. We do not expect that there will be camping facilities on site. Full details will be sent out to participants before the events.

Oset review. As a local Councillor I am trying to set up a motorcycle project for local young people and electric bikes seem to address the number one issue of noise. So I decided to get hold of an Oset Trials bike to see how they perform and if they are a suitably exciting alternative to illegal street use of motocross bikes. I got hold of the Oset 24 Racing with a proper trials tyre on the rear. On first impressions and lined up next to my 2 stroke Sherco the bike is almost the same size. Cleverly most of the parts on the bike are off the shelf mountain bike parts which must keep manufacturing costs down. I'm not going to list the specifications you can find them on the Oset page link at the bottom of this review if you are interested. 

The main thing you want to know is how it rides, like I did. Coming from a mountain bike background my expectation was that I would be better at riding an Oset than a petrol trials bike. This did not quite work out. Thankfully you can adjust speed, power and response easily with dials as the motor has a huge amount of torque from standing which wants to flip you onto your arse. Having no clutch makes for a different technique and feel which needs practice. Very slow speed manoeuvring is awkward with a very on off feel to the throttle which is where you really miss a clutch for modulation. I found it great fun to ride through the woods in more of an enduro style to take away the need for throttle feel, I'm sure with practice you can become much more proficient with slow speed, real trials manouvers but I didn't have the patience. 
James had a quick ride around and his feedback was pretty much the same. 

The big advantage to this bike is the near silent operation. Although just as illegal to ride on common land as a petrol bike due to it being over the equivalent 2.5hp, the lack of noise makes it much more acceptable to bystanders. I bought the smallest kids version for my grandkids and nobody has had any complaints about us using it thinking that it is a toy rather than a "real motorcycle". In lockdown riding around the garden and in disused garage space behind my house it has been a useful tool for a bit of extra practice on the quiet.
Overall for £3399 this is still half the price of a new trials bike. Do not buy one thinking it will be a direct replacement, it isn't, and isn't supposed to be. It is a fun useable practical alternative if you can't get to ride your petrol bike.
I am excited about electric bikes, to me trials is the obvious place for electric bikes with todays technology. There is no need for extended battery life and it will be interesting to see what the big manufacturers come up with in the next few years. Yamaha already has a working competing model but it is not available to buy. KTM has the freeride but the battery life and cost compromises it.
In conclusion if you want a bit of stealthy action and have the patience to learn and adapt to the lack of clutch I think the Oset is great value and a lot of fun. Stay safe. Drinkie

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