James Cancer Update and other news

Published on 17th December 2017

I am sure most of you are interested in an update on James's health. Well, we had great news. This is a copy of his message to our coaches. 
"I need to bring you up to date chaps . . . The results from the last chemo course has been very positive with few side effects . . There are no visible signs of any tumors . . But lymphoma has a habit of hanging around in your bones . So they need me to stay on the chemo for 3 more cycles and then I’ll need stem cell treatment . . I’m not out of the woods but it seems to be going in the right direction .
I was prepared for much worse news than that !"

We had our Christmas night out in a North Leeds Pub Restaurant, nobody seemed to notice the array of motorcycle superstars which was a relief to me as I am always the one taking the photos when fans ask. The following day a few of us rode trials bikes which was a laugh, most of the laughing being at my attempts.

Bookings are coming in for next years days and we only have a couple of dates to add so please book early to avoid not being able to get on the dates you really want. There are plenty to choose from and we have also added a new circuit with a 2 day event at Knockhill. We have a new intensive training day which we are trying out at Croft in May with only 8 riders per session and 1 coach to every 4 riders with video coaching. All the details are online www.jameswhitham.com

In other news I have been selected to stand in the local elections for the Labour Party. I am passionate about having representatives that have experienced real life and are not just professional politicians, as well as supporting a genuine agenda of people's politics. Thanks to RST my leathers for next season will have Labour Party logos on something I don't think I have seen before. James is not a Labour supporter which makes for interesting debates and reminds me there are differing opinions on what is fair and how to achieve it.

This week I went mountain biking with Richard Cooper as I was staying at Centre Parks next to Sherwood Pines. It was pretty cold ! I keep wondering how long I will be able to keep doing things like this now I am 48 and a Grandad. Age is only a number? #150

Me and Coops also rode the new Leeds Urban Bike Park which is a fantastic achievement for a mate of mine Jeremy Hayes who has put his heart and soul into the project. Check it out https://www.facebook.com/leedsurbanbikepark/

I hope you all have a good Christmas I will be thinking of all our public servants who will be working through the period. I finish my Fire Service nights on Christmas day morning this year and it will be my last Christmas in the Fire Service as I will be finishing in July to concentrate on organising events for you lot and politics for the many and not the few.





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