2018 Dates and other news

Published on 25th November 2017

We have finally got most of our 2018 dates online and are already taking bookings. We have added a new style intensive coaching day if you want a more personal approach. Bobble hat sales have gone crazy we have sold about 250 already with £1000 going to Macmillan and £900 to the Yorkshire Cancer Centre so far. Our team clothing is also online to buy along with gift certificates for the track training days if you are looking for a Christmas present. Sales pitch over !!

James's treatment seems to be going well he is due another scan in the next 10 days and I will update you with the outcome. We are all hoping for a reduction in the size of the lymphoma in his liver. He has been busy at the bike show doing the usual job hosting chat shows. We are looking forward to our Track Training coaches and helpers Chiristmas night out next weekend which has turned into a weekend of acivities including trials riding. I am predicting carnage but not on the bikes !!

Rachel Lloyd has done me this beautuful pencil drawing of Dean Harrison which Dean has signed for me. He has also signed the limited edition prints which sold out very quickly

He has also signed the limited edition prints which sold out very quickly

The Maccau GP saw the passing of Dan Hegarty our thoughts are with his friends and family. The more I get involved in motorcycle racing the more I realise the consequences of what we do for sport. But this is our choice and we have to live with our choices.

In other parts of my life I choose to support and campaign for the Labour Party. Simply because I want to see change and a fairer society "for the many" and believe that with all it's faults that it is our best chance. Not all of my friends agree with the Labour method which is fine we all have a right to our opinions. I recently had a catch up with my mate Alistair Brownlee who's politics are pretty much the opposite of mine (As are James's) but we still find common ground.  Alistair and Jonny Brownlee have a Trust which among other things provides triathlon events and coaching for kids that would probably never get the opportunity to participate in triathlon. If everyone cared enough about each other any method would probably work but the recent Paradise papers show that individuals, too often, do not take responsibility voluntarily. 

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. Thanks to all of you who have supported us in 2017 and to our sponsors, Suzuki GB, Metzeler and RST Moto Direct.

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